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2023-2024 Board of Directors

The CAMA Board of Directors comprises ten officers, elected to alternating two-year terms
(with the exception of the member-at- large, who is elected to a one-year term)





John Bello (2023-2025)


Desert Botanical Garden



Jordyn Cyrus (2022-2024)

Vice President

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Samantha Groff (2023-2025)


Phoenix Center for the Arts

Stephanie Mahan (2022-2024)


Arizona Capitol Museum

Naomi Primeau (2022-2024)

Development Director

Musical Instrument Museum

Sarah Matchette (2022-2024)

Marketing Director

Heritage Square Foundation

Sarah Bryan (2023-2025)

Membership Director

Desert Botanical Garden

Hailey Alcaraz Hershkowitz (2023-2025)

Program Director

Support My Club 

Abbie Wilson (2023-2024)


Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

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